Getting His Game Back by Gia de Cadenet

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Getting His Game Back
Gia de Cadenet

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Khalil Sarda has just gone through the hardest year of his life and is trying to put things back together. Now that he’s nearly his old self again he’s learning to navigate life with this new diagnosis…depression. Except, men aren’t supposed to have/show emotions… Right? He’s just ready to focus on himself, his career and his friends/family. Until one day in walks miss Vanessa to get her hair cut.  

Vanessa Noble is a big shot in the tech world. She’s been so focused on her career she hasn’t had time to focus on a relationship. Even when she does make time to date the men she goes after never live up to her standards at least that’s what her friends and family are constantly reminding her of. Vanessa walks into get her hair cut and thinks maybe this Khalil guy is worth taking a chance on? 

I cannot believe this is a debut novel? This was an EASY 5 star read for me and I will be recommending it to anyone who likes to read romance. I really enjoyed how real this book felt about mental health in certain parts of it. It was raw and emotional and were real struggles that couples where one or more party’s struggle with health issues will face these challenges. I cannot speak from the interracial couple aspect but I enjoyed how raw some of those struggles were true and I imagine couples go through those struggles and even more than can be portrayed. Overall the book just felt realistic and even though parts were cute, cheesy and steamy of course, it was a relatable book in many ways for probably many people.  

Vanessa is a POC powerhouse and we LOVE to see it. She’s the top performer in her industry, the CEO of her company and quite frankly she is not going to put up with anyone’s BS. She’s a strong, independent woman who is NOT going to settle for the wrong man. She has a list of must haves and if you don’t make the list, you are not going to work for her. I absolutely LOVED her. I loved while being so assertive and confident, she was also the most caring and supportive character to her friends and family. 

Khalil is a sweet and charming man character who just wanted his life to return to normal after struggling with his recently discovered mental health issues. I loved everything about this boy even when I wanted to scream at him at parts.  

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