Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, a review by Di

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Matthew Perry

Flatiron Books
November 1, 2022
250 pages

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It was recommended to me that I should read this book about a year ago. We have lost several close family members to addiction and it’s always been a struggle for the rest of us to understand. After Matthew Perry’s death last Saturday, I decided that it was time to read his book.

While the book is not terribly well written, it is from the heart. It is raw and emotional and honest. I don’t think Matthew Perry was hiding anything from the reader. What a shame that people live their lives with their bodies and minds in such turmoil and pain! And, honestly, I am surprised that he was able to live as long as he did. He painted quite an ugly picture of what life is like for an out-of-control addict.

One of the things that struck me was that he was willing and able to help other addicts. But he was not able to help himself.

I’m glad that he found a semblance of acceptance within himself during the last couple of years of his life. We’ll never know what the future might have held for him.

You brought so much joy to so many of us during your tenure as Chandler. Sleep softly, Matthew. May your mind and body remain at peace. ❀️

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