Forget Me, a review by Sherry

Forget Me
Lisa Sherman

293 pages
Speaking Volumes
Published August 22, 2022

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About the book:

How can you know who you really are if you can’t remember your past?

Wanda Dellas is living someone else’s life: that’s the sense she’s had since a mysterious accident robbed her of her long-term memory. Lost and barely scraping by, Wanda cleans offices at night in order to support her young daughter.

Then Wanda sees a news report about a presumed dead businesswoman, Claire Stanbrick. Bad enough that Claire bears an uncanny resemblance to Wanda. But it turns out Claire went missing around the same time as Wanda’s accident, too. Plus, she can’t shake the sense that Claire’s husband Jack, who’s serving time in prison for Claire’s murder, is innocent. And she’s beginning to develop feelings for him. But which feelings are real and which are just figments of her fractured memory?

Answers to the past often come at a price.

As Wanda learns more about Claire, she realizes Claire didn’t have the picture-perfect life Wanda imagined . . . a fact someone following her is determined to keep a secret. And the more Wanda discovers, the more she faces new dangers that threaten her life . . . or is it Claire’s?


My Review:

Told in dual timelines by dual narrators, it peels back the layers to resolve who Wanda really is.  It is fast paced with twists and turns that will have you guessing.  With Wanda not knowing her past, she is a good unreliable narrator, which is one of my favorite tropes in thrillers.  It was a quick read as I wanted to find out if my theory was correct.  While I was not a fan of the characters, I did want to know what would happen.

This debut thriller will appeal to those that like unknown identities, amnesia and unreliable narrators.


About The Author:

Lisa has always had a passion for stories and the fictional worlds created by her favorite authors. Her love of words led her to pursue a BA in English Literature as an undergraduate. Her interest in jurisprudence led her to law school, where she attained her Juris Doctor degree. Later, Lisa rounded out her love of writing by obtaining an MFA. 

Lisa has always been fascinated with the “why” behind people’s actions. As a writer of psychological thrillers and women’s fiction, she hopes readers will enjoy getting a sneak peek into what makes her characters act the way they do, especially when faced with challenging or extraordinary situations. 

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