For You, a review by Corina

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“Alice had no shallows. She had depths.”

For You

Ari Wright



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Adore. Lionise. Venerate. Revere. These are just some words that all mean the same “adore”. The FMC was every curvy book worm out there in the real world unsure about themselves and that they deserve to have that kind of love. It was even more sentimental knowing the author felt she was every bit of Alice, as well. It takes a lot to say that for the whole world to see. How the FMC adored smutty regency books was adorable and her love of tea. The author’s description of heaven was exactly how a book lover’s senses of heaven should be.

Her fantasy of having her own library is all our dream as well. I loved how the MMC gave that to her in the end and instead of walking away-fought for her even in his knowing he was wrong. Her roommate was obnoxiously compatible in their polar opposites of personalities. I felt my heart breaking every time the FMC was fat shamed by someone, it reminded me of my own insecurities. But how she overcame those from being a frumpy caterpillar to a beautiful, empowered butterfly.

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