Five Tuesdays in Winter, a review by Amy

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Five Tuesdays in Winter 10/30
Lily King
240 pages
Grove Atlantic

Short stories tend to leave me wanting. I’ve generally found them to lack the depth I desire. Until now. King charmed me in her previous work, Writers and Lovers. And now she has shown me that not only can I enjoy a collection of short stories, I can also deeply connect with them.

King’s first anthology is full of substance. The ten stories represent varying slices of life that unpack human nature and extrapolate the most inner thoughts.

Each piece in this collection is created with intricate detail, tapping into a wide range of emotions. The characters, all so unique and different, are vividly painted, deeply layered, and relatable. King’s astute observation of people is evident in the way she has crafted these distinctive characters and their stories.

I was entertained by each of the ten stories, but my favorite was Waiting for Charlie. It’s a devastatingly touching story about a 91year old grandfather sitting at the hospital bedside of his granddaughter, recently injured in a skiing accident. After pondering the fragility of life, he is left with an epiphany relatable to all.

The stories left me with just the right amount of satisfaction and yet a hint of ambiguity.

“On the way back to Vermont I thought about words and how, if you put a few of them in the right order, a three-minute story about a girl and her dog can get people to forget all the ways you’ve disappointed them.” -Timeline

Thank you Lily King, Grove Atlantic, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.

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