First Date, a review from Di

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First Date
Sue Watson

376 pages
Published October 16, 2020 by Bookouture

As soon as I started reading this book I knew it was going to be a train wreck……the kind you can’t look away from.

When you meet someone on a First Date and everything seems to be perfect you should realize that it just might be too good to be true.  For every red flag that pops up, Hannah (our questionable heroine) comes up with a justification. 

My initial thought was that I wasn’t crazy about Hannah (I’m yelling at her in my mind). Then I thought I didn’t like the book. But, when I realize that perhaps this is the author’s intention, she is succeeding because I cannot turn the pages fast enough. That doesn’t happen if you don’t like the book. I keep hoping that Hannah smartens up.

Every time you think things can’t get worse with her boyfriend, it does. And, I’m still mentally yelling at Hannah! Alex (the boyfriend) gives a whole new meaning to passive aggressive. Two flawed characters in a dysfunctional relationship. 

And then there is the ending…….totally Hitchcock-ish! (is that even a word?)

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the Advance Readers Copy.


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