First Date, a review by Sherry

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First Date
Sue Watson

Psychological Thriller
328 pages
Published October 16, 2020 by Bookouture

Hannah is single and comes from foster care which inspired her to go into social work.  She cares deeply for her job.  Her last relationship just didn’t work and she’s been a little gun shy, but she goes on an incredible first date with Alex where they have almost everything in common.  As they get to know each other, her best friend keeps cautioning her to take her time and make sure he’s the right one, but when Alex is so nurturing and encouraging, Hannah’s sure he’s worth it.  As Hannah and Alex grow closer, Alex keeps pulling her away from her friends. 

They say it takes three dates to let down your guard and act like yourself at the start of a relationship.  How do you know when someone you’ve just met is being authentic?  Sue Watson’s latest thriller delves into this.

With a cast of characters that were sometimes at odds with each other, I was pulled in wondering who was reliable.  Do you believe your best friend or is she jealous in what you’ve found?  I enjoyed watching their relationship progress and even yelled at Hannah more than once for her choices.  And you’ll never see the ending coming.  Another solid slow burn thriller for Sue Watson.




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