Finlay Donovan is Killing it, a review by Tanya

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Finlay Donovan is Killing it
Elle Cosimano
Narrator Angela Dawe

10 hours
Published Feb 2, 2021 by Macmillan Audio

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About the Book: 

It’s murder being a hit-mom.

“Getting the job done” for one single mom takes on a whole new meaning in Finlay Donovan Is Killing It, a deliciously witty adult debut – the first in a brilliant new series from YA Edgar Award nominee Elle Cosimano.

Finlay Donovan is killing it…except, she’s really not. The new book she promised her literary agent isn’t written, her ex-husband fired the nanny without telling her, and this morning she had to send her four-year-old to school with hair duct-taped to her head.

When Finlay’s overheard discussing the plot of her new novel with her agent over lunch, she’s mistaken for a contract killer and inadvertently accepts an offer to dispose of a problem husband in order to make ends meet…and she soon discovers that crime in real life is a lot more difficult than its fictional counterpart.

My Review:

I had a huge problem with this book. Why was Vero not featured more prominently!?!? I loved her character and I wanted to see her written in much, much more.

But seriously, this is such a fun book. A mystery where the MC, Finlay, gets thrown into the deep end of a potentially lethal, if not certainly illegal, situation and has to try and find her way through it. I loved the witty humor from her sidekick, Veronica (Vero). I loved that Finlay always tried to do the right thing and just constantly fell into what was actually the best outcome for her.

It appears this is Book 1 in a new series from this author and I can’t be more excited for Book 2!

Thank you to #StMartinsPress and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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