Finding Grace, a review by Sherry

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Finding Grace
Maren Cooper

352 pages
She Writes Press
published July 19, 2022

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You know how much I hate to cry when reading and this one did it to me and I didn’t even mind.  This is a powerful story about the bond of a father and daughter. The pull of family both the ones you are born with and the family you create and how it changes and grows over time. It’s funny that we all read the same words but a different book. Our experiences have us focus and interpret things differently. And this is definitely a book that will leave different impressions on each reader based upon their life and experiences.

I could not put it down and loved spending time with Charlie and Grace.


Charles Booker is thrilled to start married life in Two Harbors, Minnesota, with his ambitious ornithologist bride, Caroline—but he sabotages his own happiness when, blinded by his desire for a family, he tricks Caroline into a pregnancy she doesn’t want.

Caroline, bold and unapologetic, follows her own nature and holds Charles to his promise to parent their daughter without her help—an arrangement that allows her to travel the world and follow her birds, wherever they may take her. This uneasy truce results in near tragedy for their daughter, Grace, who comes of age in a household full of toxic resentment on the one side and suffocating love on the other, and increasingly struggles with her mental health as she grows older.

Told by all three of the characters involved and set against the backdrop of Lake Superior, Finding Grace is a piercing chronicle of the struggles and eventual insight gained by each over the years, starting with Charles and Caroline’s courtship and continuing into Grace’s early adulthood—and a poignant coming-of-age journey for both Grace and her parents.

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