Finally Find Freedom, a Review by Liberty

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Finally Find Freedom
Philip Wride

November 26, 2023
200 Pages


Genre: Nonfiction – Self-Help

A well crafted personal/professional development and self-help book designed to help you take control of the chains that limit you in your life and are holding you back.

With accessible language and real-world examples, Wride shows us the 12 chains of knowledge, speed, convenience, relationships, priorities, responsibilities, location, time, risk, fear, perception, and pressure.

Each chain has its own section with explanations and examples. The information is broken down in such a way that it’s easy to follow and understand, as well as apply the advice to the reader’s situations.

One thing I found awesome about this book is the applicable exercises designed to help you put these ideas into action in your personal situations. In a way, this also doubles as a workbook and does not just provide the information, but also ways to action it!

Overall, this was a very informative read and the perfect length for this style of book. It felt long enough and very detailed without the sense of filler content or dragging it out.

A huge thank you to the author for providing The Book Review Crew a copy of this book for honest review.


The author has graciously offered to answer a short Q&A question for our readers. Please enjoy this bonus snippet of my conversation with him, and getting to know him better as an author. 

Liberty: Which part of Finally Find Freedom do you find to be the most impactful?

Philip: This is a tough question for me to answer as the author because all parts of the book are tied together to help readers make changes in their life.

If I had to pick one part in isolation it would be the chapter and exercise about the TALE Grid. The exercise is called “What’s the TALE of your life?” and asks readers to create a grid and write down their goals and dreams in 4 different areas: Time, Activities, Location and Experiences. Many readers have commented that this exercise helped them get clear on what they really want out of life and how they want to live because up to that point they had just been going day-to-day without any clear vision or purpose. They hadn’t sat down to really think about what they wanted from life until they did the exercise.

After doing the exercise, and then reading the rest of the book, they were able to link every other chapter back to the TALE Grid, identify the things holding them back and the changes they could and should make in their lives if they wanted to achieve what they wrote in their grid.

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