Fatal Flaw, a review by Kristin

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Fatal Flaw
By: Susan Murphy

Publication Date: December 1, 2022
Published By: Susan Murphy
287 pages

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Los Angeles Detective Dominic Santino is asked by his captain to investigate his nephew’s death. There has been a string of deaths where the cause is undeterminable, and something doesn’t make sense. Detective Santino enlists the help of Dr. Arnya Sloane, who is a geneticist. As people keep dying, Detective Santino and Dr. Sloane are trying to figure out the link between all the deaths of these seemingly healthy people and hopefully can figure out a way to stop the deaths. But at what cost?

Fatal Flaw starts out with a very strong opening scene. Then the book slows down, and it just wasn’t keeping my interest; at times, it felt very repetitive. However, slightly more than halfway through the book, the speed picked up and the action picked up. That’s when it got really good! The investigation felt realistic, and I really enjoyed Dr. Sloane and Detective Santino teaming up. That being said, I liked the ending to all the action, but I absolutely hated the very, very ending – the last line or two of the book. I would love to talk with the author about this choice! Overall, this is a good read and anyone that likes a medical thriller with secrets should pick this book up!


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