Family Lore, a review by Cat

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Family Lore
Elizabeth Acevedo

Published August 1, 2023
By Ecco
371 Pages

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They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? When I saw a fellow reader ranting about Family Lore, I knew I had to give it a fair shot. (For those curious, the reader was ranting because the book dared to talk about women’s problems! Gasp!).

Family Lore is a beautifully crafted novel, and I mean that quite literally – the prose is lyrical and, at times, almost poetic. It is my favorite aspect of the book, closely followed by the captivating narratives of the various family members and their unique gifts.

The novel unfolds through numerous perspectives, with each family member offering their thoughts and opinions on developing events. I have a somewhat ambivalent feeling about this narrative approach. While I appreciate the concept, particularly in Family Lore’s plot context, the frequent shifts felt somewhat disjointed. It might have been more cohesive if the author had chosen a singular timeline to explore. For me, the abundance of perspectives and temporal jumps created a somewhat overwhelming experience.

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