Falling, a review by Sherry

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TJ Newman

304 pages
Avid Reader Press
published July 6, 2021

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Falling was one of the summer’s breakout books.  It would be the perfect vacation read except for that pesky plane issue.

Bill Hoffman is an experienced pilot whose boss called him specifically to pilot this flight.  At the same time he starts the flight, his family is held hostage as an unknown person asks him to choose the passengers on the plane or his family.  They want him to crash the plane at an unknown destination.

The book is a wild ride.  The premise is great and can lead to a good book club discussion on this versus that, what would justify allowing someone else to die.  I had a couple of thoughts on the plot.  I love that the book is not just focused solely on the pilot and his family, but it does get a little lost in telling what is happening in a few too many locations.  Eventually the crash destination is revealed, and I won’t spoil that since it’s a secret for most of the book, but that chapter felt a little out of place as did the control tower chapters.  

I fell in love with the flight attendants in addition to the young FBI agent. Not a surprise since the author was a flight attendant herself, but there is such a quirky group that you really get the feel that there is a camaraderie along with the rest of the crew.  

While I was pretty sure I knew the overall big picture ending, I couldn’t put the book down trying to figure out who was involved in the scheme, why and who would survive. 

If you like action adventure movies and books, you should check this one out.  

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