Fable (Fable #1), a review by Kendra

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Adrienne Young

Published September 1, 2020 by Wednesday Books
Kindle Edition, 361 pages

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Fable has spent the last for years fighting to survive on Jeval and fighting for a way off of the island. An Island she was put on by her own father…
At age 14 Fable loses her mother and is left by her father all in the same night. She finds her self on an island known as Jeval where she must fight to survive. She must dredge. She must steal. She must starve. She must do whatever it takes to get off this island. All she knows is that her father made a promise to her and to ever see that promise upheld she must survive and she must leave this place. After four years… just maybe she’s done it… but Saint, the narrows and everything she’s ever known are about to get flipped upside down on this journey back to her home… back to normalcy…back to happiness.


As someone who doesn’t love fantasy books, this book absolutely lived up to all the hype. My heart hurt for Fable while I watched her briefly struggle to get off the island of Jeval and was so excited and happy when she was about to succeed. I longed for the past that she so desperately waited to be reunited with and awaited the future she was almost to. I hung on to every adventure she had. I can’t wait to see what Namesake has in store for Fable and what else happens in her story.

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