Everything We Didn’t Say, a review by Cat

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Everything We Didn’t Say
Nicole Baart

Published November 2, 2021
By Atria Books
368 Pages

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When Everything We Didn’t Say popped up as one of my choices for BOTM, you better believe I grabbed it! I can’t resist the thrillers that pop up, and Nicole Baart’s latest novel is no exception. Nicole Baart is the same author who brought us Broken Little Things for those needing a refresher.

When Juniper Baker left Jericho, she promised herself that she would never be back. But the jokes on her, as heading back is exactly what she is doing. She’s telling herself that she’s only coming home to help an ailing friend, but that’s not the whole truth.

Everything We Didn’t SayΒ is a slow-burning mystery – the sort that makes you desperate to turn the pages and figure out what is happening. As such, I pretty much devoured this book. I was so desperate to learn all of the secrets that both Juniper and Jericho had to offer.

Many elements of this novel felt familiar: teenagers falling in love but keeping it a secret, the friendly neighbors that feel more like family, and the desperate need to find their place in the world. Some parts resonated with me, while others felt so on point for a burgeoning thriller.
Everything We Didn’t Say really got right was the real threat and terror of the world. People can be horrible, especially when they let their obsessions run wild. That hit hard here, leading towards the perfect conclusion.

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