Every Move You Make, a review by Shelley

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C.L. Taylor

Avon Books UK
March 28th, 2024
435 Pages
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I am of two minds about this book, it is very entertaining and hard to put down. I read it in a couple of sittings and it’s over four-hundred pages. Some of it just wasn’t plausible and was a little too convenient and there were some big coincidences, but it wasn’t until the cell phone situation that I actually rolled my eyes. (I hate it when authors use the no phones allowed, no cell service or no charge left gimmick in books, especially in thrillers. It is a copout in my opinion. None of these situations have ever happened to me in my twenty-plus years of owning a cell phone, even when I travelled.)

I did not figure out the culprit or the twist and that is always a bonus. There are a lot of characters so that leaves us with lots of red herrings and possible suspects. It really is a case of who’s fooling who? The characters are not very likable, even the ones being stalked, I couldn’t stand them. I liked that there was a male victim of stalking.

The premise of this one is utterly unique and the book really pulls the reader in. There is full, non-stop action one hundred percent of the time and a very intense if somewhat unbelievable ending, so I can understand the high ratings and appeal. Even though this was a little out there and the ending was over the top, the journey to get there was a lot of fun entertainment-wise.

I recommend reading the author’s note at the end of this, it is very raw and personal and it touched me that she wrote about this topic.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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