Enlightenment, a review by Cat

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J.R. McNamee

Published September 1, 2020
306 Pages

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You know those stories where the monsters or magic are real – but only if you believe hard enough? That is the foundation upon which Enlightenment is built. Written by J.R. McNamee, this novel immediately captivated my imagination.

Alec Foster is both ordinary and extraordinary, depending on who you ask. And when. Yet even that fact will soon change as magic and destiny come knocking on his door, changing his perspective and future forever.

I enjoyed how imaginative and creative Enlightenment was. It made for a quick read, but primarily because I was so invested that I never realized how quickly I turned the pages! I love it when that happens.

Enlightenment is a surprisingly emotional read as we go along Alec’s journey. This kid goes through a lot, and naturally, he reacts accordingly. McNamee did a solid job of capturing these elements, making the story feel even more fantastical and believable simultaneously.

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