Drowning, a review by Shelley

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T.J. Newman

Simon & Schuster Canada | Avid Reader Press
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
304 Pages
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I read Falling by this author a couple of years ago and loved it. These books remind me of the disaster movies of the 70s (I know I am dating myself). This book particularly reminded me of The Poseidon Adventure (one of my favourites) crossed with Airport and I loved it.

This book was intense and had me stressed out. I was so anxious while reading it, I was actually holding my breath at parts. I was able to read it in a single sitting because I could not put the book down, it was that good. I was frantically flipping pages wanting and waiting anxiously to see what would happen next.

The human aspect and dialogue felt true to life and I liked that there were some mistakes made along the way of the rescue attempt. I call these types of books popcorn thrillers as they would make excellent movies. The book is completely captivating and entertaining. I love Newman’s writing style because even though there are descriptive technical issues it’s an easy read with clear explanations. I was emotionally invested in the characters’ lives and their rescue, I cared what happened to them physically and in their relationships. Not all the characters are helpful or likeable and they don’t all get along like one big happy family. They have issues with each other and they disagree and that made it all the more realistic.

I especially liked that the book isn’t just about a plane crash rescue. Newman mixes the complexity of relationships with the human condition and does so brilliantly. If you’re able to suspend belief a little bit, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Newman writes what she knows and does it well. All. The. Stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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