Don’t Go Down There, a review by Kristin

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Don’t Go Down There
By: Kiersten Modglin

Publication Date: February 28, 2023
Published By: Kiersten Modglin
~ 250 pages

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Andi Edwards comes home because her husband is home earlier than normal. She wants to find out what’s going on. When she gets home, she can’t seem to find her husband. Tons of thoughts flitter in her head as to what’s going on. She wonders if he’s hurt, dead, cheating? She goes to look downstairs and her husband appears behind her “Don’t go down there.” What’s in the basement? What secret is he hiding? Once Andi finds out, she has to figure out whether to stand by him, or go against him and time is running out. Either choice, it will alter her life and her kids’ lives.

Don’t Go Down There is a gripping page turning novel. Kiersten Modglin has done it once again with her very twisted mind. Modglin has to be one of the most creative writers when it comes to putting twists in her books. There were two twists that I didn’t see coming, but when I read them, they blew my mind. As usual, the book is easy to read, fast paced, and keeps you engaged. I don’t know how other readers feel, but I absolutely hated Andi. She was so obnoxious and such a push over. Though, she did change by the end. I wanted to shake her and say, “Lady, what are you doing!” This is a must read for anyone that is a fan of domestic thrillers.


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