Don’t Forget To Write, a review by Di

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Sara Goodman Confino

Lake Union Publishing
September 1, 2023
334 pages

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This is Marilyn’s story. It is 1960, Marilyn, who is a college student, is caught misbehaving. Her father sends her away for the summer, to stay with an elderly and strict aunt in Philadelphia.

When I first started the book, I thought it was a bit too silly and fluffy for me. But the story soon grew on me and it actually has a lot of substance to it.

The two main characters are wonderful. Aunt Ada (but don’t use the word Aunt) is very acerbic and sharp-tongued. She’s also a professional Jewish matchmaker. Marilyn is like a spoiled brat (even though she’s 20) and sassy. This makes for a wonderful and interesting match. Their conversations are often back-and-forth snap answers, like a comedian with his straight man.

Both women want to step out of the traditional roles and do what makes them happy. They do not want to fit into the traditional role of women of the era. I love their strength and determination. And I love Ada. Every young girl should have an aunt like Ada, who has the ability to help a person learn to fully understand themselves.

I loved this quote from the book that fits into the story but also applies to today’s world: The world loves to destroy things it doesn’t understand.

I was prepared for a surprise ending because I had read several reviews. But, I was not ready for the actual surprise!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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