December’s OwlCrate, a reveal and review by Cat

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OwlCrate – A Box of Bookish Goodies

OwlCrate is one of many book boxes currently available for all the bibliophiles of the world. OwlCrate’s focus is on Young Adult (with a strong leaning towards fantasy), and each monthly box includes a new young adult book and several bookish goodies. Included in the goodies will always be an exclusive pin.

Best of all (for those collectors out there), each month has a special theme for the entire box.

December’s theme for OwlCrate was Beneath the Waves.

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*In case it wasn’t obvious, don’t look too closely at the rest of this post if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers!

Let’s discuss the obvious before diving (pun intended) into this reveal and review. The December OwlCrate box was pretty heavily delayed. I think at this point most subscribers should have their box, so I don’t feel too bad talking about it. Shipping delays caused one of the items to arrive late, which set back everything else.

On the bright side, December’s box came with an extra bonus – the reading planner from November’s box! That was a nice surprise to see inside, so I certainly can’t complain. Plus, I basically got OwlCrate boxes two weeks in a row. Another nice treat.

Book – December’s book was none other than Skin of the Sea, and my god, this book was WORTH THE WAIT. It is stunning! It comes with a reversible dust jacket, special end pages – and gold gilded edges. I am in love! No seriously, this is probably the prettiest book all year. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for gold edges (I totally am). Skin of the Sea is perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone crossed with The Little Mermaid. That description right there is enough to get me excited for this read!

Wooden Ornament – Since this was the December box, it makes sense that an ornament was included in the box. It’s inspired by The Mermaid, The Witch, and the Sea. Mine will probably live on my bookshelf until next year, at which point I’ll probably forget to add it to my tree.

Ceramic Mug – I love oversized mugs, so I was thrilled with the inclusion of one in this box. It features a quote from Toni Morrison. This item is also the final piece in the drinkware collection, topping off the year quite nicely.

Dry Erase Board – I think OwlCrate is reading my mind. Or stalking me. This is the second (or third?) time in a year where OwlCrate included an item I was legit thinking about picking up. In this case, it is a magnetic dry erase board, but it is SO much prettier than anything I would have bought myself. You see, it has nautical themes, thanks to its inspiration: Percy Jackson. Love it.

Necklace – Speaking of items I loved from this box – the necklace! It is a spinning pendant with a compass rose and is clearly inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic. It looks to be of much higher quality than last year’s necklace. It also happens to match the jewelry style that I love, so I will be keeping this beauty.

Cleaning Cloth – I do love it when OwlCrate includes practical items in their boxes and this month we got three such items (the first being the dry erase board). The cleaning cloth is inspired by Fable, and overall I just love these colors.

Shopping Bag – Last but not least we have the shopping bag, which is always a useful item to have (when heading to the bookstore). It’s inspired by To Kill a Kingdom, which admittedly I haven’t read. I still like the bag though and will be keeping it in my purse whenever I need it.

January’s Hints & Theories:

Due to the delay of the December box, I have already written a reveal and review of January’s box. Check it out!

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