December Picks for BOTM (Book of the Month) Cat and Allyson

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December Picks for BOTM

Every month BOTM makes five choices available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are the picks made by reviewers Cat and Allyson.

December’s BOTM choices are:
-In a Holidaze (Romance)
-This Close to Okay (Contemporary Fiction)
-The Wife Upstairs (Thriller)
-The Office of Historical Corrections (Short Stories)
-People Like Her (Thriller)


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Cat’s Picks:

The Wife Upstairs – The Wife Upstairs is a novel that immediately caught my attention, thanks primarily to that lovely cover – though the author’s name certainly didn’t hurt things either. The Wife Upstairs is described as a Southern gothic thriller, and is an atmospheric domestic suspense. It follows Eddie Rochester, rich and widowed, and Jane, his fiance. Only, this life isn’t turning out to be the paradise expected, as there are lingering questions about Eddie’s late wife. Click HERE to read Cat’s review!

People Like Her – Believe it or not, there are two, count them, TWO thriller options available this month! Naturally, I snagged both. People Like Her is a debut novel, and is being touted as wickedly smart and thrilling. Emmy Jackson is an Instamum, which is exactly what it sounds like. Emmy’s life can be perceived through many filters. The wife who speaks too openly about family details, the woman who has it all, somebody who speaks her mind. Only…one of her fans is of the belief that Emmy doesn’t deserve everything that she has. Not even close. Click HERE to read Cat’s review!

The Hunting Party – The Hunting Party isn’t one of the five options for this month’s selection, but it is a new add-on. It also makes for my third thriller pick for this month! I’m drowning in thrillers, and I love it! From the same author who brought us The Guest List, this is a thriller that depicts murder, mayhem, and a failed attempt at a Christmas vacation. How would you react, if you went to an isolated cabin for the holidays, only to discover that one of your closest friends is a murderer? Click HERE to read Cat’s review!


Allyson’s Picks:

This Close to Okay – This Close to Okay is described as an emotional literary read. I believe this book is going to explore the connections people form and how certain people seem to come into your life at the right time. I choose this book for my BOTM because I was looking to expand my reading habits by reading a different genre than I am used to. Click HERE to read Allyson’s review!







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