Deadmen Walking, a review by Lissa

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Deadmen Walking: A Deaman’s Cross Novel
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Paranormal Romance
384 Pages
Published May 9, 2017 by Tor Books
Sherrilyn Kenyon strikes again! First of all, I cannot say enough about Sherrilyn Kenyon, I think she is absolutely wonderful. All of her books are always so engaging and the characters are all so interesting and so well written. I am such a huge fan. And this book is most certainly not a disappointment.
Deadmen Walking is the first book of a trilogy, that is a companion series to Kenyon’s main series, the Dark-Hunter series. These books can be read out of order, the majority of main series I did read out of order, and that’s honestly half the fun isn’t it? Starting later in a series such as that and learning about the characters and these side characters and events that happened around them? So then you gotta go find the rest of the books and enjoy them!
I digress. Deadmen Walking takes place in the 1700s and starts with a young woman named Cameron Jack. Cameron had received a letter from her brother who had left Cameron and his girlfriend to take a crew and sail the seven seas. And what he stated in the letter makes her think that he has gone missing at sea. So Cameron is determined to join a pirate crew to go and find her brother. This leads her to Devyl Bane and his crew of dead men. They really are dead too. Not a spoiler, its stated in one of the first few pages. Devyl and each member of his crew were each brought back from Hell.
Each one found his or way to Hell by some very fatal and awful decision made on their part. They each bartered their soul for another shot at redemption. Devyl and his crew think that maybe by helping Cameron find her brother, they can win back their souls and another shot at life.
This book is full of pirates, demons, mythological creatures, witches, more pirates, Norwegian myths, and great dry sarcasm that is brilliant and some great fight scenes. First of all, I’ve always loved pirates. And my favorite author writing a book about them? Score!
I highly recommend this if you love pirates, myths, demons, and some great and witty sarcasm. Did I mention the fight scenes? Keep in mind, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books are known to be sad. So I recommend tissues. Remember, this is the first of a trilogy, so keep an eye out for the review of the second book!


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