Dark Night, a review by Sherry

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Dark Night
Paige Shelton

288 pages
published December 7, 2021

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I really like this series.  It takes place in a small town in remote Alaska where the only access is by plane or ferry.  This type of setting reminds me of my Mom watching Murder She Wrote and I always wondered why the town’s inhabitants didn’t move away when so many murders keep taking place there.  But in all seriousness, part of what I like about the series is the location and how it plays such a large part in the book.  Almost like it is another character.  The author does a great job with the descriptions and weaving the story through it.

There is an interesting group of characters that keep getting extra layers of depth as the series progresses.  There is also a great backstory with the protagonist that keeps building in this installment by introducing her Mother.   The plot moves along at a great pace and I didn’t want to put it down.  And again in this book, I was kept guessing on the murderer until the very end.

While you could read this book as a stand alone, I think you would better enjoy the series in order and since this is only book three, you could easily catch up.  

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