Dark Corners, a review by Cat

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Dark Corners
Megan Goldin

Published August 8, 2023
By St. Martin’s Press
343 Pages

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Many fans are thrilled that Rachel’s journey continued in Dark Corners (myself included). I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, The Night Swim, although I hadn’t initially anticipated it evolving into a series. Nonetheless, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more to come!

In this installment, the story follows Rachel as she dives into the world of missing person cases – and social media influencers. It’s an intriguing choice, and the combination proves to be highly effective, especially when interwoven with the podcast and investigative elements.

However, these aspects do impart a distinct feel to Dark Corners. Given how dark The Night Swim got, this really shouldn’t be all that surprising. For instance, it involves an ongoing investigation where time is of the essence (as missing person cases often do). Additionally, there are several other subplots to navigate, including the potential for a romantic connection. So, if you’re expecting the sequel to mirror the original story precisely, you may find yourself somewhat disappointed.

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