Dad is Fat, a review by Tanya

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Dad is Fat 

Jim Gaffigan

Audiobook 5 hours
Published May 14th, 2013 by Penguin Random House

Jim Gaffigan is the perfect comedian for me. 


Even though he puts himself in the spotlight, I find him very self-effacing.  He makes fun of himself just as much as he makes fun of others.  He puts his wife on a pedestal, as he should 😊, and tells stories that often make him look completely ridiculous.  But in most situations, I could put myself in his shoes, in that situation and so it’s almost as if I’m laughing at myself in many cases.
He is classified as a family comedian but really, I think of him as a clean comedian.  He uses language that I can play around my kids without concern.  It’s refreshing that I can listen to adult humor around my kids.  And at times, they even laugh as well.
Jim and his wife have 5 kids!  He’s got great material for years and years to come.
I think audiobooks are so much better than print books for comedians.  You can listen to their cadence and delivery and often times that’s really what makes the jokes hit home. 
If you haven’t yet listened to Jim Gaffigan on audiobook, I urge you to run out and pick-up a copy.  He’s so, so funny!



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  1. Sadieforsythe

    I agree about the audio vs. print books for comedians. My book clud read one last year (when we could still meet) and I was almost the only one who liked it and I think it was 100% that I listened to it instead of reading it.

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