Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks, a review by Kristin

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Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks
By: Kelsie Stelting

Publication Date: July 31, 2020
Published By: Kelsie Stelting Creative, LLC
446 pages

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“Sometimes, the most beautiful things are broken.”

BLURB: (From Amazon)

The mean girl told me someone like him would never date a plus size girl, and my mouth spoke before my brain thought. I bet her I could get the star quarterback, Beckett Langley, to take me to homecoming. And he doesn’t even know I exist.

It’s all fun and games, trying to get his attention so she’ll stop making fun of me. But then I get to know the real Beckett. He’s tired of only being thought of as a good-looking jock, just like I don’t like people judging me.

And now I have a really big problem: he doesn’t know our relationship is built on a bet.

And I don’t know how to tell him the truth without losing the first and only guy I’ve ever loved.


This is one of the best YA romance books that I have read! This has to be one of the most relatable books that I have read in a while. It’s a book that I think every teenage girl should read. I too was a “curvy” girl in HS and was very much made fun of for my size. Besides that, I had a mother similar to Rory’s in that my mother was constantly making comments about my weight, even as a younger child. It didn’t do well for my self- esteem and now I put so much of my self worth on how I look. It’s so hard to get beyond.

I also was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager but I was basically told that I wouldn’t be able to have kids. Now, it could just be that back then they didn’t have the research about PCOS that they have now, but even as a teenager, that news devastated me. Only, I was never told that symptoms could be reversed. This really just brought back so many memories for me.

I did feel bad for Rory. No one deserves to be treated how she was treated. Though, part of me was like “girl, you got yourself into this mess!” Another part of me couldn’t believe that any boy in high school would be as awesome as Beckett. I know that no boy in my high school would have done what he did! But it is nice to read.

The message was fantastic – no matter what size you are, you are deserving of love and friendships. Speaking of friendships, I loved Rory’s 4 girlfriends – all different yet supportive.

I will say this. I was going to give this book 5 stars, but the ending was meh for me. Yes, it was sweet, but I wanted to feel more. Also, I understand that the author used the epilogue to set up the next book int he series but that just made the ending more meh for me.

Overall, an excellent YA Romance.


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