Crush, a review by Allyson

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Tracy Wolff

Young adult fantasy romance
704 pages
Published September 29th, 2020 by Entangled: Teen


I have to admit, I have a problem. I’m SOOOO obsessed with this series. I honestly just can’t get over it. These books are like an addiction for me. Crush was written in a very long-winded style. I mean over 700 pages is a long book. As I was reading I realized the story was just being dragged out and somehow I still didn’t want it to end.Β 

Grace is back at Katmere Academy with no memory of the last few months. Nothing feels right now that she’s back and she starts realizes she needs to remember what happened all those months she was gone before everything changes forever.

I can not get enough of these books. I think the main attraction is that the characters seem so real. I love the relationships built between all the main characters. Each relationship seems Multifaceted, the reader can really feel the complexity. The character development she getting better with each book and I can’t wait to see how each character changes over the next two books.

I know I mentioned it in the Crave review but the chapter titles for this one are equally as brilliant. Before reading the book itselfΒ  I read through all the chapter titles. Yes, all one hundred and five of them. Some of my personal favorites are “Are You Bloodstoned?”, “Turns Out The Devil Wears Armani”, “One Hundred Percent That Witch”, and “Fe, Fi, Fo, F*ck”. I find these just so clever and like a little bonus to the book itself.

Now onto the plot, I absolutely LOVED this storyline. In my opinion, it was much better than the previous book’s storyline. The plot kept the twist coming and always kept me thinking about what might happen next. I will admit most the of twist I could have guessed was coming, but there were a few that genuinely shocked me.Β 

More importantly, there are so many different directions the next book can take. Tracy Wolff really left this one on a cliffhanger, and I am so excited to see how everything is going to play out. My hopes for the next book are that it explores more of Grace and Macy’s relationship. I would love to see more of the witches in the books to come. Seriously if you love young adult novels you need to check this series out.


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