Cowboys and Chaos, a review by Kristie

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Cowboys and Chaos
Elizabeth Pantley

283 pages
November 21, 2022



I’m loving the diversity in these books. This one takes place in the Wild West, and our book club is in charge of solving not one, but two mysteries! And there’s BIG a surprise waiting for them inside, too!

Upon entering the book in Bandana, Arizona, they meet some of the townsfolk and get acquainted with their mystery. A missing saloon girl, and a missing probably shot horse thief. This will be exciting!

They’re not quite sure where to begin solving this case though, so as they get to know people, the mystery just keeps coming! Atticus is their new member, and he is a great addition to their team! Along with old friends, they search for information and take on the case of missing persons!

There were a lot of misdirects in this one but I thought it was really well done and I loved the way everything fell together!


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