Cover Reveal, Isle of the Immortal

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Please check the cover for Isle of the Immortal by S. M. Estrada out on March 22, 2022.

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🥀Isle of The Immortal Cover Reveal and Preorder🗡

I’m so excited to be helping @smestradabooks reveal the cover of her latest novel! Her first ever adult romance features sweeping romance, a mystical world enshrouded in darkness, and a masked vigilante. Read below for a bit more: 


Shailin Srijan has never ventured past the mortal confines of her remote Scottish village. Working solely as her brother’s keeper and avoiding the small-town gossip of villagers, she’s never thought to question the mundane reality of her existence – until her brother’s condition suddenly worsens and all hope seems lost. Reeling at the thought of losing the only family she’s ever known, Shailin hastily agrees to her mother’s farfetched proposal: enter into the Immortal realm to face the greatly feared and equally mysterious Vampire King, who happens to owe the Srijans a life debt.

Upon facing King Ezrium, Shailin will have to unravel a startling truth that upends the life she’s always known and decide whether she wishes to conform or pave her own way in a world of magic and mayhem.


Isle of The Immortal officially releases March 22nd, and the best part? It’s available for preorder NOW, and when you order at your retailer of choice, your order will be eligible for an incentive pack that features fan art, a signed bookplate, and other unique bookish goodies! More information (and sneak peeks!) will be available for that on a later date, but in the meantime, ordering links can be found in @smestradabooks bio! 


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