Cover Reveal, Dark Angel and Shadow Angel

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Dark Angel (Book 1) and Shadow Angel (Book 2) by DK Hood.


Preorder links – the books are out on September 12.

Dark Angel:

Shadow Angel:

These are the first two books in the new Beth Katz series. I love her Alton and Kane series and can’t wait to pick read them. Serial killers, crime fighting and some steam? I’m in.

About the books

Beth is a maverick who is prepared to do anything to rid the world of evil. Some would call her a hero, but others would call her a killer! And they’d both be right. Beth is the child of a notorious serial killer, so she’s no stranger to murder. And, as they say, it takes one to know one, well… Beth is a killer herself. She’s taking out the bad guys and ridding the world of twisted murderers.

If you enjoy reading about Black Rock Falls, you’re going to love Rattlesnake Creek, and especially Beth’s ex-military partner, Agent Dax styles – boy are you in for some tension there! And as Rattlesnake Creek is not too far from Black Rock Falls, some of your favourite characters will pop up from book to book.

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