Cooking Dinne with Nonna, a review by Di

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Cooking Dinner with Nonna
(Sunday Dinners with La Famiglia)
Rosella Rago

Harper Horizon
October 18, 2022
272 pages

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I used to devour cookbooks in the same way I devoured novels. Then, with every recipe in the world available op on the internet, I got away from it.

I discovered this cookbook, a young lady cooking her Italian grandmother’s recipes. This is so much more than a cookbook. There are lots of backstories about Nonna and her life. I love that personal touch.

And, at the top of each recipe is a brief description of the dish and the family connection to the dish.

There are beautiful photos of most the dishes. Mouthwatering photos!

I love Italian food, aside from the common spaghetti and lasagna. Lots and lots of choices in this cookbook. Most of the recipes look relatively easy, the ingredients should be easily found at the grocery store. But, in truth, I would love to join this family for a few Sunday Family Dinners!

I have bookmarked a few of the recipes, I cannot wait to try them out.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an Advance Readers Copy.

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