Cobble Hill, a review by Jenn

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Cobble Hill
Cecily von Ziegesar

320 pages
Published November 10, 2020 by Atria Book

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite… oh wait, this is Cobble Hill an eclectic Brooklyn neighbourhood. Where we find a bit of a hodge podge group of 40 something year olds, grown up gossip girl?

I wanted to love this one from the first time I saw the cover, then I see the author is none other Cecily von Ziegesar? Yesss sign me up!

Unfortunately the excitement in this review ends there, I may have set my expectations too high. I found the first part was intriguing with some good build up, laying the foundation for a story showcasing contemporary family life, which is something I’ve been loving in book lately. We see a little glimpse into the characters home lives and the current predicament that theyre in, most of which are trying to figure how are they got here in life.

There is quite an array of characters, the ex boy band member with his ex group wife, the unconventional school nurse, the writer struggle to write his next book (why do all writers write about writers?), the artist, the inventor, the bored corporate mother and of course their children of various ages.

Quite a few chapters in the book were pleasant enough to read but with so many story lines going on it was a bit hard to connect to one. Someone please tell me that Roy’s mars teenage sci-novel is not really in the works right? Moving on to their love lives, all of the guys were weirdly in love with the quirky school nurse but nothing really happened there. In fact I read the entire book waiting for something to happen, anything!

While my attention was lost a bit I tried to hold on and there was an interesting edge to each character but honestly not much distinguished one from the next and they felt a bit one dimensional and the plot could have taken us a bit further. I liked the writing style, there were a few parts that made me laugh but overall this one gave me a sense of ‘meh’.

2.5 lackluster stars rounded to 3


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