Christmas at the Inn on Bluebell Lane, a review by Sherry

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Christmas at the Inn on Bluebell Lane
Kate Hewitt

254 pages
published on October 6, 2023

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I love spending time with this family. Their ups and downs. Their family togetherness and their independence.

Since I last left the family, they are still in Wales running the Bluebell Inn and things might not be as secure as they’d hope so they are back to trying to bolster the inn to be profitable.

While I’m not a mom dealing with everything on top of her kids, I can really relate to Ellie trying to rally the troops and bring perfection to her corner of the world.

And I know I keep saying I’m not ready for winter or Christmas, most of this book takes place leading up to the holiday and is about people and family. It’s such a nice break from my spooky reads.

I root for them all to succeed and can’t wait to read the next installment of this great series. This is definitely the heartwarming book to bring you into the Christmas season.

About the book

As the snow begins to fall and the lights twinkle, Ellie realizes Christmas has finally come to the Inn on Bluebell Lane. But as she watches the guests arrive, she hopes this won’t be her family’s last winter in this magical place…

It’s been two years since Ellie and her family left their lives in America behind and moved to a small Welsh village to run her husband’s family inn. Having fought to save it from disrepair, Ellie is shocked when her sister-in-law, Sarah, breaks the news that the inn is facing financial trouble and might have to close after Christmas, a thought that breaks all their hearts.

Turning to her mother-in-law, Ellie sees tears sparkling in Gwen’s eyes. But then Ellie has an idea: a celebratory Christmas week for guests and locals with all the festive trimmings — an unforgettable experience, and her family’s last chance to save the inn.

With Christmas drawing closer, the family are busier than ever. Gwen bakes enough mince pies to feed the whole country, while Ellie adds mistletoe to every room, and her husband Matthew turns the garden into a winter wonderland.

But there are troubles ahead no one could expect. And as Bluebell Lane twinkles against the frost, Ellie marvels that the inn has never looked prettier. But will it be enough to save this beautiful place her family has grown to love?


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