Chloe Cates is Missing, a Review by Kristin

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Chloe Cates is Missing
By: Mandy McHugh

Publication Date: February 15, 2022
Published By: Scarlet
356 pages

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“There’s nothing more deadly than a swallowed secret. You gobble it up, force it down, and pretend it’s gone. You do everything in your power to convince yourself it isn’t there. But unlike the ones you bury, swallowed secrets are a constant battle. You can’t just forget about the, cover them in dirt and walk away.”

Chloe Cates, internet sensation from the CC and Me blog, is missing. At just 13, Chloe has spent most her life in the spotlight thanks to her momager, Jen, who started the blog when Chloe was just a toddler. When the police are called, Detective Emilina Stone steps in to help find Chloe, but realizes she has a connection to the family herself. As Detective Stone grapples with her connection and her past, she begins to investigate Chloe’s disappearance and unravel the Cates’ seemingly perfect world. No one is ever who you think they are; and with swallowed secrets in the stomachs of everyone, will Chloe be found before it’s too late?

This captivating story is told from multiple points of view: Jen (the mom); Chloe/Abby’s diary; Emilina (Detective); and Jackson (the dad). The main plot line was about Chloe’s disappearance, with a subplot regarding Emilina’s past. I flew through this book as it is a very easy read, but also because I didn’t want to stop reading! I appreciate the fact that McHugh didn’t take too long to get into the plot. Moreover, I really loved the fact that McHugh had this entire book take place in one day! That is not something I see often, but it made the investigation feel more real.

Less than mid-book, I made a plot guess, and I was entirely incorrect. There was one bombshell at the end, and then BAM, another bombshell on the last few pages. The book left me wanting more! I must know how it all plays out.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a fast paced thriller.



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