The Heiress, a review by Di

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THE HEIRESS Rachel Hawkins St Martins Press January 9, 2023 304 pages Goodreads | | Amazon Somehow, when I picked this book I missed the word GOTHIC in the very first line of the description. Gothic is usually not … Continued

Sun Seekers, a review by Di

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☀️☀️☀️☀️ SUN SEEKERS Rachel McRady Alcove Press 320 pages January 9, 2023 Goodreads | | Amazon This is the story of 6-year-old Gracie and her grandfather, who has dementia. Gracie is a very bright and precocious little girl. her … Continued

Black Cake, a review by Di

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BLACK CAKE Charmaine Wilkerson Ballantine Books February 1, 2022 385 pages Goodreads | | Amazon This a very complex story. It has many, many intricate layers. And, a huge cast of characters. B and B (Benny and Byron), brother … Continued

Boardwalk Summer, a review by Di

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BOARDWALK SUMMER Meredith Jaeger William Morrow May 23, 2018 384 pages Goodreads | | Amazon I had just finished a book that weighed on me heavily, so I was looking for something lighter. Boardwalk Summer looked like it would … Continued

The Mystery Guest, a review by Di

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📚📚📚📚 THE MYSTERY GUEST Nita Prose Penguin Random House Canada November 28, 2023 304 pages Goodreads | | Amazon Once again I meet Molly the Maid, the main character from a book I read a couple years ago. And, … Continued

The Rye Bread Marriage, a review by Di

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THE RYE BREAD MARRIAGE Michaele Weissman Algonquin Books August 15, 2023 278 pages Goodreads | I’m not sure what I expected when I started reading this book. But, I am sure that what I read was not anywhere on … Continued