Catch Us When We Fall, a review by Di

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Juliette Fay

William Morrow
September 21, 2021
416 pages

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I have read several books by this author but I went into this book completely blind. It turns out to be about a young lady who just lost her partner. Both of them are alcoholics. Because she finds herself pregnant, she knows that she must stop drinking.

The main character is Cass. We follow her battle to become and stay sober throughout the book. As most of us know, it can be a lifetime struggle and the most unexpected thing can be a trigger. Cass fights her demons with all her might.

The storyline is interesting as we follow Cass’s life throughout her pregnancy. She forms relationships with others along the way. We go to AA meetings with Cass, which I found informative.

I think that the author did an excellent job showing the reader how much determination is needed to make this journey. Cass proved herself to be a very strong young woman even though she fought against feelings of regret, self-doubt and worthlessness. I was cheering her on every step of the way. It is an emotional read.

A notable quote in the book: “Fear and shame are an
alcoholic’s constant companions.” Definitely, something hard to live with!

I really enjoyed the author’s Insights at the end of the book. She has friends and relatives who have battled alcohol addiction. And, she has attended AA meetings. Her research on the subject was firsthand. This plus other research contributed to a well written, plausible story.

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