Carolina Moonset, a review by Di

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Matt Goldman

May 31, 2022
272 pages

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Joey Green goes from Chicago to Beaufort, SC to visit his ailing father and give his mother a break. His father has Lewy Body Dementia and struggles with short term memory.

What a week it turns out to be! Snippets from Joey’s father’s long term memory bring questions about what happened in the past. Then a murder occurs, is it related to events in the past? It’s a lot to pack into one week.

This book has it all. A southern low country setting, a spontaneous and unconventional romance, the past intruding into the present, a murder mystery and a surprise resolution to it all.

I love Joey Green’s character. It is touching to watch him dealing with his elderly father. I love how he wants to protect his family at all costs.

Romance and murder don’t always go together. This one works. It was spontaneous, witty and fun to watch it develop.

Murder mysteries aren’t one of my favourite genres. Initially, it was the cover that drew me to this one. It is designated as a “thriller” but I found it more of a cozy mystery. An enjoyable read.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an Advance Readers Copy.




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