Can You Keep A Secret?, a review by Shelley

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Jo Lovett

Boldwood Books
Publication Date: March 8th, 2024
314 Pages
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This book really frustrated me. All these “friends” had secrets and resolutions then lied about both. We’re talking people in their mid-thirties and they acted like children about it. For the love of gawd ladies, you do not need to worry about your weight because of how you look! Your doctor is the only one who should tell you about your weight if it concerns your health. I have never been skinny and I never will be and yes, I have worried about my weight but it is because of diabetes and heart disease not to look good in a pair of jeans. Yes, I like to lose pounds and looking and feeling better BUT, I eat what I want in moderation and never in my life have I said I don’t look good, I don’t follow fashion trends to make myself look thinner…I wear horizontal strips if I want and plenty of bright colours. I don’t ever remember acting the way these women did. New Year’s resolutions are stupid. It doesn’t have to be January first for you to start doing something you enjoy or want to change about yourself. If you want to change then just do it!

The secrets were pretty dumb too…one of them I had figured out almost right away and the rest were just a letdown. Has no one ever heard of the word communication? These are best friends since they were five years old and spouses! I can’t imagine keeping something like that from the people closest to me and who it affects the most. In a close relationship, romantic or otherwise, have a conversation. I am so tired of this trope, not just in romance but in women’s fiction as well. Sneaking around stealing envelopes and lying about keeping your resolution is just juvenile and ridiculous. And it turned out in the end it was all for nothing because they all lied about it anyway! I don’t understand the whole point of it then. Maybe I’m too dumb or getting crotchety in my old age (58 in July).

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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