Broken Like This, a review by Sherry

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Broken Like This
Friends Like Us 3
Bethany Monaco Smith

456 pages
published September 23, 2022

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We continue Rae and Aaron’s story in book three. As they struggle through things they work to keep their relationship alive as they start college.

This one is very emotional. If books one and two taught us anything, it is these two sometimes lack communication and you know where that usually leads. No real spoilers here if you paid attention to the title.

It picks up where book two left off and Aaron is navigating a world without baseball which has defined his life. What I love about this series is it is more than just the ups and downs of falling in love. Most books end there, but this series shows what happens after you find your person and need to keep the relationship going.

I love the journey these two are on, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly and can’t wait to see how the cliffhanger is resolved in book four.


About the book:

I promised her forever.

But I’m not sure I can keep that promise. At least, not the way I’m supposed to.

I’ll always want forever with her, but not like this.

I’m broken. Falling apart. And I’m taking it all out on her.

I’m too much of a mess for this, and she deserves more than that. More than the way I’ve been. More than me.

I don’t want to do this without her, but I don’t know how to do it with her. There’s so much I have to figure out about myself and my future, and I have to do that on my own.

I have to let her go.

She might hate me, but it’s best for both of us.

I just have to hope by the time I figure things out and am ready for us again, she’ll still want me—want us.

I have to trust that she won’t give up on us, and we can still have the forever we were always meant to have.

Will Rae and Aaron be able to fight through the hard things they face individually so they can build a beautiful relationship together? Follow all the love, heartache, drama, and angst in the third book of their love story.

Broken Like This is the third book in a mature YA/new adult drama series. Be sure to start reading with book one, Friends Like This. The series features teens in realistic and complicated situations. Recommended for readers aged 16+

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