Breathtaking, a review by Di

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Courtney Turcotte Bond

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All The Everythings Publishing
September 1, 2020
320 pages

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This was a fast read. Usually, I jot down my thoughts for a review as I am reading the book. This time I could not get my thoughts together until I was finished.

Cara and Adam are next-door neighbours and grow up together as best friends. From childhood to high school, they do everything together. This is a coming-of-age story about Cara that continues through to her adult life.

The first half of the book reads like a young adult novel. Easy writing style, the lives of adolescents and teens. We get a taste of relevant issues. OCD, alcohol addiction, bullying. These are not things in all teen lives but they certainly do exist. There was some foreshadowing but I’m not sure I caught it all. One big piece of foreshadowing I know I did catch but I did not know how it would play out.

Then, I hit the middle of the book. Breathtaking took my breath away! For a few moments.

Then I started part 3. It did not take long for me to think I had figured out where it was going. Right to the most important detail. That bothered me, I kept thinking that it was too corny for the story to head in that direction. But as I approached the end I realized that strange and corny things really do happen. That’s why they say β€œLife is stranger than fiction.” The ending was perfect.

The only aspect of the story that I did not like was the poetry. I am just not a poetry person. I realize that some of the poetry was actually a form of communication….that was fine. But, a little less of the non-communication poetry would have been fine too.

I appreciated this story more after I finished it and read the author’s reason for writing it.

And, I know I would have loved reading this during my teen angst years.

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