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Who ever said that books are boring?

You can read them, learn from them, collect them, gift them, teach people to read with them, display them in pretty book cases, stack them up and use them as a coffee table and probably a million other things!  Boring?  No way!

One of my favorite things I learned to do with books this year is to participate in Instagram Book Challenges. While I’ve only done two of them ‘officially’, I love looking at how creative Bookstagram is and all of the many, many Book Stack Challenges that everyone comes up with.

Some of them even have a supporting cause attached to them.  Whether it be for Breast Cancer Research, Autism Awareness, donations to a local animal shelter or a multitude of other great causes, the Book Stack Challenges highlighting a cause and contributing a dollar for everyone that participates in the challenge is a great way for Bookstagrammers to give back to their communities and help bring awareness to a cause near and dear to their heart.

Causes aside, the challenges are just really fun!  They take a little time to think about in some cases, and to set up, but if you love books, organizing them and taking pictures of them, then you should give a Book Stack Challenge a try.

If you have kids, then you can bring them in on the action. They can help you choose the books and build the stack.  If you are a parent looking for ways to share the joy of books with your kids, you could help them create their own stack with their own set of books, or take them to the library and let them choose books that would fit a stack and once their done reading them all, they can take a pic of their stack for the challenge!  How fun!!

The two challenges that I have participated in are the #bumblebeestackchallenge and the #flatlaychallenge, pictured here.

Some other Stack Challenges I’m looking forward to participating in are:

Sunflower Stack Challenge – green books on bottom, yellow on top

Two for Tuesday Stack Challenge – 2 books from the same author, as many authors as you can stack

Match your Mug Stack Challenge – book colors that match the colors of your favorite mug

People on the Spine Stack Challenge – Books that have one or more people on the spine

Ladybug Stack Challenge – Alternating red and black books

Candy Cane Stack Challenge – Alternating red and white books in the shape of a candy cane

There are so many more out there that I can’t wait to try.

Drop a comment below of your favorite stack that you’ve done or one that you’d like to try!  We’d love to see what you come up with.

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