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When it comes to books for my kids, I have three simple questions I will ask before getting them:

1) is this age appropriate?
My almost two-year old will not have any kind of paper books. No pages, nothing of the sort until she is at least five. Toddlers are notorious for being destructive and ripping anything they can get their hands on so definitely the board books are best.

2) Does this book engage the depths of their imagination?
Of course my kids will read for fun, but starting out I like to get them books that take them on adventures just by sight and sound. When I read to my toddler, I want her to imagine being where the story takes place. I feel it starts an early love of reading.

3) Is this book educational?
I get it. Not every book our children read will be educational. However, when they are this young, you have the power over what books your toddler looks at. Use it. In my experience, the more educational books introduced at a young age, the better.

This time around I’ll be sharing my picks for age 0-3 or toddler age.



My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books
By: Wonder House Books
10 books = 220 pages
April 2018

My little one loved this set. The thick board made it to where she couldn’t tear through it. The pictures are bright and vibrant, and of course, the words are easy to repeat. After just a few readings she started showing me which pictures were which and saying the words. 



The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Books
By: Dr. Seuss
Random House Books
24 Pages
August 2012

It’s never too early to develop a love of reading in your littles and Dr. Seuss always delivers. As a staple of my childhood and I’m sure yours as well, I am always eager to share this with my kids. My two-year old is always excited when we pull these books out. The repetitive verses, and beautiful pictures, stick out for her and make story time so much fun.


Baby Signs: A Baby Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign Language
Dial Books
16 Pages
February 2008

I received this book as a gift while I was pregnant. To be honest, I was not interested (sorry to the gift giver) but I did end up trying it out and it actually took hold! I started looking up more baby sign language videos and books etc. My little speaks well but the sign language was a god send while she was still a bit non verbal.

So these are my top three picks for 0-3 year olds. I hope you are at the very least inspired for the next time you’re in the market for children’s books. I might make this a regular post and go through age groups. As always, any and all suggestions are welcome. Until next time, happy reading


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