Bookish Crafts, picks by Sara

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I don’t know about you but i have a lot, A LOT of books. I have new books, old books, paperbacks, hardcovers, spiral, vintage, you name it I probably have it. With this territory comes books falling apart ( I know, it hurts my heart too) I’ve taken to rebinding them when I can and enjoying them longer but now and then they’re beyond that. I am not someone who can just throw books away, so I have found ways to repurpose them! This month in our bookish crafts blog post I’m going over two of my favorite book crafts:

The first is book page art prints. Credit to OnBlissStreet for the photos.

Basically what these are are book pages that you print whatever you want on to them, whether it be farmhouse, classic forest, or just abstract florals. This is a really fun and easy way to spruce up your home library a bit while also holding onto a book that may be close to your heart.




















Next is book cover journals. Credit to Sarah at bakingandlife for the photos. I love these because you can literally put whatever you want on them while having a really cool cover (depending on the book) You can use it as a journal or reading log, I’ve seen some used as sketchbooks. Best part is its one of a kind and yours alone.




















With both of these crafts you use up the whole book and none of it goes to waste. Completely customizable options as well, the possibilities are endless!

If you end up making any of these, be sure to post it to your socials and tag the book review crew in them!


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