Book Review of Dragons Walk Among Us by Robyn

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Dragons Walk Among Us 

Dan Rice

276 pp. 

Pub: July 19, 2021


Allison Lee is a photographer that takes pictures for her school newspaper and has even recently won an award. Her main goal is to become a photojournalist. However, while she’s visiting with her homeless friend, she is attacked and wakes up in the hospital, blind. She’s devastated that her whole future could be changed until she is offered an opportunity to get an experimental procedure to fix her eyes. She immediately accepts and thinks everything is fine…that is, until she starts dragons. Humans with dragon forms. Allison must figure out if they are here to harm her and humankind.

Dragons Walk Among Us by Dan Rice is a YA story but can resonate with adults too. I was totally taken in by how realistic Rice wrote the teenage characters and their ever changing emotions. Teenagers can also relate to this book with its overarching themes of bullying and accepting people for who they are. This was a very fun read and I was happy to see that this is just the first in the series.


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