Blood Heir, a review by Cat

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Blood Heir
Ilona Andrews

Published January 12th, 2021
375 Pages

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Ilona Andrews is bringing fans back to the fantastic world of Kate Daniels in Blood Heir, the first of the Aurelia Ryder series. This time, fans are going to get to follow Kate and Curran’s ward, Julie Lennart-Olsen, or as she’s known now: Aurelia.

It’s been eight years since that fateful battle for Atlanta. A lot can change in eight years, just look at Julie. She left Atlanta shortly after that battle, in an attempt to learn more about herself and to learn more about the magic available to her.

There’s a threat heading towards Atlanta, or more specifically, towards Kate Daniels. Julie is desperate to stop what this dark prophecy is promising. But in order to do that, she must head back to Atlanta, and that she does so without being recognized. As it turns out, that is going to be easier than one might expect. After all, a lot has changed for Julie.

Words cannot explain how much I loved Blood Heir. Seriously, I’ve read it four, yes, FOUR times since I got my hands on it. I’ve been enchanted by the world of Kate Daniels from the very first book, and I am pleased to say that the magic of that worried carried over to this series.

This is one whirlwind of a read, with Julie/Aurelia throwing herself headfirst into danger in order to protect those she loves. Only, there are a ton of other complications on top of that, and it makes the read all the more brilliant because of it.

Fans of Ilona Andrews should absolutely make a point of picking up Blood Heir, especially if they loved the world and characters that developed over the course of the original series. I cannot encourage this enough.

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