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We Fly Beneath The Stars
By: Suzanne Kelman

Publication Date: November, 20, 2022
Published By: Bookouture
376 pages

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“Don’t ever let the past keep you from living. Enjoy every moment that live gives you.”

Luca is the love of Tasha’s life. When he signs up to fight for his country, Russia, during WWII to fight Hitler, Tasha is beside herself and completely heartbroken. She decides to follow him and join in the fight as well, as part of first women to fly planes for Russian in the war. Tasha’s older, more sensible sister, Nadia, finds out what Tasha has done and goes to bring her home. She decides to join as well. Nicknamed “the Night Witches” by the Nazi’s, the group of women are amazing pilots. But their missions are dangerous and when the sisters find themselves shot down on enemy lines, the are taken to a prison camp. Miraculously, Tash sees Luca at the camp, and it gives her the will to live. But as time goes on, their lives are continuously in danger, and their risk of death great. Can both sisters survive?

We Fly Beneath The Stars is one of the most beautiful, brilliant, heartwarming, gut wrenching historical romances that I have read in a LONG time. Set in Russia during WWII, which is not a setting seen in most WWII historical fiction novels, Kelman writes a powerful novel of not only romance, but the bonds between sisterhood. Nadia and Tasha are strong female characters that exhibit bravery and courage. I never knew about the Night Witches, so it was very interesting to learn all about them. I even looked them up to learn more! You’ll find yourself holding your breath each time these women would fly a mission, hoping that they wouldn’t be hurt. By the end, you’ll need the tissues because you will be in tears. This is an absolute must read for anyone that loves historical fiction or historical romance. You really don’t want to miss out on this book.


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