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The Last Lap
By: Christy Hayes

Publication Date: March 7, 2023
Published By: CAH LLC
341 pages

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A man seeking closure after the death of his estranged brother. A woman grieving her sister and best friend. A connection they never saw coming. More than the temperature heats up in USA Today Bestselling Author Christy Hayes’ unforgettable page-turning romance about two tortured souls and their collision course with love.

Megan Holloway has learned a few hard truths in her twenty-eight-years. Life isn’t fair. People she loves always leave. And she’ll be stuck on Key West running her parents’ gift store and raising her twelve-year-old niece for the rest of her life.

Thirty-year-old Bryan Westfall has come to Key West to clean out his dead brother’s apartment and search for answers about the woman who died with his estranged older brother. Bryan didn’t know the woman had a daughter and he sure didn’t expect her sister to floor him with her beauty and biting brashness.

Bryan’s persistent need to help and Meg’s bumbling business skills create an unlikely union. The more time they spend together, the more their feelings become too powerful to deny. Meg knows Bryan is leaving at the end of the summer and Bryan knows Meg is holding back to spare herself needless heartache. When a hurricane forces them to evacuate, Meg mentally prepares to let Bryan go while Bryan wonders if home is where he came from or is with the woman who stole his heart.

What a sweet, endearing book! A must read for romance fans! For me, this was a new and refreshing story line. As a first-time reader of Christy Hayes, she has now gained a forever reader after this book. This is set in Key West, Florida, and while I’ve never been there, Hayes did a wonderful job of bringing the area alive. Meg and Lily are surrounded by people that love and care about them. It was nice that in such a sad time, and when her parents couldn’t be around her, she had people uplifting her. When it comes to the romance between Bryan and Meg, it is sort of a slow burn. But I like that Meg is cautious. It shows that she’s careful and really putting Lily first. Bryan was patient and waited for Meg to get comfortable with him. He was also very thoughtful when it came to Lily. It did get a little repetitive that Meg kept saying that she couldn’t trust Bryan because of his brother, but she does eventually stop that. One of my favorite characters was Eva. Not just because she was a strong supporter of Meg, but because she was Meg’s voice of reason. Overall, a great book and one that I would recommend to anyone that loves a nice romance novel.




Christy Hayes is a USA Today Bestselling author. She grew up along the eastern seaboard and received two degrees from the University of Georgia. An avid reader, she writes romance and women’s fiction. Christy and her husband have two grown children and live with a houseful of dogs in the foothills of north Georgia.






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