Blog Tour Showcase: The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson, a review by Tanya

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The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson
Lauren H. Brandenburg


272 pages
Published Oct 23, 2020 by Lion Fiction


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 Book Summary

The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson takes place in a quaint little town called Coraloo, and is chalk full of quirky, old-timey characters.

The story actually focused on the impending  marriage of Roy Blackwell, the town constable and Margarette Toft, a Coraloo school teacher.  Seems straightforward enough. Only…..

As far back as the beginning of Coraloo’s history, the Toft’s and the Blackwell’s have been enemies!  The Toft’s are a high society clan who’s lives are run by superstition. The Blackwell’s are down to earth folks who live simple lives full of traditional acts.

Can these two lovebirds from opposing clans find their way to the altar?  Or will their family’s superstitions, traditions and enemy mind-set get in the way?  And just who is Innis Wilkinson and why is this book named after her and not Margarette? 


My Review 


The cover is so charming!  It has that old-timey feel to it, is a beautiful red color and display’s an interesting item that you may think is out of place.  It isn’t. But you have to read the story to hear more about that.

The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson reminds me a bit of a mash-up of The Gilmore Girls and Steel Magnolias, without all the sadness and tears.

The characters are really the star of this book.  As the story unfolds and you learn more about different characters, you find out how they are connected and a bit about their history (in some cases) but there isn’t a significant amount of character development throughout this story, other than the MC’s.

The quirkiness of the characters and the comical events they get involved with may bring a chuckle or two along the way to the reader. This is really where the book had Gilmore Girls and Steel Magnolia vibes for me. Of course, there are also some heartwarming moments in the book as well.  A bit of a mystery added in made me want to keep reading to see how everything was going to come together.

Overall this was a sweet, pleasant read for me.  This is the 2nd book that takes place in the fictional town of Coraloo although this can be read as a stand-alone. A cute read for the cozy mystery crowd that would like to add some sweetness to their coffee!





About the Author


Lauren H. Brandenburg is a mentor, speaker, and author who happily blurs the lines between traditional genres in both middle grade and humorous family fiction. She has currently written six of the ten books in The Books of the Gardener Series–Orlo: The Chosen (#4) was a finalist for the Selah Award middle grade novel of the year. The Death of Mungo Blackwell, a humorous family fiction (Lion Hudson publishing) was recently longlisted for the People’s Book Prize in the United Kingdom. Lauren is a former junior high and high school English teacher who stepped away from her profession to raise and homeschool her two children. She currently lives with her husband, Jamie, and their children in a lovely little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee where they eat and laugh a lot. 


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