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One Summer in Monte Carlo
By Jennifer Bohnet

Published Jan 12th, 2021


You can run to the sun, but can you ever hide? – NEW from the bestselling author of Villa of Sun and Secrets
Monte Carlo means different things to different people; for some it’s a billionaires playground, overflowing with glitz and glamour but for others it’s where dangerous secrets lay hidden.
For Nanette Weston, and her then fiancé, F1 racing driver Zac Ewart, their dream life came to an abrupt halt 3 years ago following a car accident which Zac walked away from, but left Nanette being airlifted back to the UK, never to return and never to see her fiancé again.
Monte Carlo was a place she wanted to forget, not revisit. But when her friend and employer, Vanessa asks Nanette to look after her children in the Principality for a few months, Nanette knew she had no choice but to return. As the F1 circus once again comes to town, with Zac in pole position, mistakes of the past, leave legacies for the future…


‘Nanette, this has been the perfect day. I’m so glad you agreed to be our wedding planner. You’ve done an amazing job. As for this place,’ Vanessa gestured around, ‘it doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Ralph and I can’t thank you enough for finding it,’ and Vanessa hugged her friend tightly.

The two of them were standing in the grand entrance hall of Dymond Park Hotel, the eighteenth-century manor house that a far-seeing local hotelier had bought and turned into the most aspirational wedding venue in South Devon. Once the home of a local aristocrat, the house stood at the end of a drive lined with tall silver birch trees, today though, their branches were bare of the silvery leaves which rustled in summer like tinkling water. The private chapel, set in the middle of a snowdrop-covered field, with views tumbling down the Devonshire countryside towards the distant River Dart sparkling in the late-afternoon winter sunshine, had proved to be an ideal venue for Vanessa and Ralph’s winter wedding.

Nanette smiled at her friend and employer. ‘I must admit to being worried about organising your big day. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done anything like it.’ She paused. ‘I did wonder whether I was still up to it.’

‘You did a great job. No question about it,’ Vanessa said.

‘You were a beautiful bride,’ Nanette answered.

‘Right, enough of this mutual admiration society. I need to talk to you urgently.’

Nanette looked at her anxiously. ’Can’t it wait until you return? You are only away for the weekend. Incidentally, you have to leave in about ten minutes,’ Nanette said, glancing at her watch. ‘Surely Ralph must be wondering where his new wife is?’

‘He knows I’m with you. It’s important for me to talk to you before we leave. I have to ask you something.’ Vanessa glanced at Nanette. ‘You know that Ralph has got this big filming project lined up in the Amazon?’

‘He was telling me it’s his biggest project yet,’ Nanette said, remembering how enthusiastic Ralph had been earlier. ‘He’s really passionate about this film, isn’t he?’

‘He wants me to go with him. We’d have a week’s belated honeymoon in Brazil and then I’d become part of his team filming the documentary in the rainforest.’

‘For the whole of the five months?’ Nanette looked at her friend wide-eyed. Personally, she couldn’t get her head around the prospect of spending such a long time in a rain forest away from civilisation.

Vanessa nodded.

‘How do you feel about being away for so long? What about the twins and your business – Oh,’ this, as realisation dawned. ‘You want me to step into your shoes while you’re away?’ Nanette took a deep breath. ‘Looking after the twins, fine, I’m used to that, but running the business? I don’t think I could do that.’ Nanette shook her head. ‘Organising today with the help of your office, is one thing, running your business in your absence, would be totally different.’ Vanessa ran a highly successful PR business with clients ranging between official government bodies, small businesses and the media. Nanette looked at Vanessa anxiously. ‘You know I haven’t done any office work since…’ She shrugged and didn’t finish the sentence. ‘I did think after organising today, I’d ask you if I could come in and do a regular stint in the office to help get me back into the swing of things, but being in charge—’

‘No, no, I don’t want you to run the business,’ Vanessa interrupted. ‘Caroline is more than happy to look after that side of things for me – she’s been taking on more responsibility recently anyway. But I do want you to carry on looking after Pierre and Olivia for me.’

Nanette gave her a relieved smile. ‘Of course, I’ll look after the twins while you’re away, no problem. But five months is a long time. What happens if there’s an emergency? Do I have full responsibility? What about Mathieu?’ Nanette couldn’t help but think about Mathieu, the twins’ father. Surely, he should be the one taking care of the nine year old twins while their mother was away?


Jennifer Bohnet is the bestselling author of over 14 women’s fiction titles, including Villa of Sun and Secrets and A Riviera Retreat. She is originally from the West Country but now lives in the wilds of rural Brittany, France.

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